About me

Spanish-based painter who combines his deep knowledge of architecture with a free and expressive creativity.

He understands that art must take into account the physical and cultural context in which it is presented, as well as the potential to transform and enhance the environments we inhabit.

His work is based on sustainable development and is not only concerned with environmental issues, but also with social concerns, where art can play a role in forging good values and thus create fundamental changes that lead to a virtuous circle.
  • 1. Creating a concept

    Defining our client needs. What are the main aesthetic and cultural goals the client wants to achieve.
    Creating a concept for the commissioned painting, starting from the initial brief (theme, colors, size, …)
  • 2. Commercials

    Once the project scope has been defined, delivery schedule, copyright and payment terms will be negotiated.
  • 3. Art development

    Artist begins working on the artwork, allowing the client to see the result before delivery.

  • 4. Delivery & evalutation

    Delivery to the client as agreed in the contract.
    Temperature check to evaluate how the painting integrates/impacts into the space and whether it meets the expectations.